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Here is our story...

Thrilling experiences, precious memories and many trials make up the history of the Southern Hills Church of God.
In 1938, a group of Christians met to start a new church. The first service was held at 535 S.E. 35th, home Brother Paul Higginbottham. He had never attended a seminar to learn the steps to plant a church; but, being led by the Holy Spirit, he planted a church on the steps of his front porch. A short time later, a revival was held in a tent on a lot next to his home. At the close of the revival, a building was rented at S.E. 29th and High Street. Services were led by Sister John Higgins.
During the years of 1938 and 1939, the congregation has services in several different rented locations.
Around 1940, the church was set in order, by Reverend E.T. Curtsinger. The exact date is unknown. In 1941, the Oklahoma City Sooner Lodge at 2628 S.W. 31st was purchased as a permanent location for the Southwest Church of God. Reverend E.T. Curtsinger was assigned as pastor. The church remained at this location for 30 years.
Several additions were made to this building during those years, and it was subsequently sold in 1969. A new site, and home of the church currently, was purchased. While the new building was under construction, the congregation held service at the Bohemian Dance Hall at SW 38th and Portland. Of course, it had to be cleaned and sprayed heavily with deodorizer before each service.
The new church was dedicated on February 21, 1971. A new name, Southern Hills Church of God, was chosen by the congregation. The facilities have been enhanced over the years by additions of a gym, fellowship hall, parsonages and others.
While the church has grown locally over the years, Southern Hills has also been committed to helping grow the kingdom around the world. Through faithful giving and a strong focus on World Missions, Southern Hills has helped to build more than 5 churches, 3 Bible College additions, over $500,000.00 and other missions project too numerous to list.
This history tells only some of the highlights of the past 75+ years. The church has been blessed with many wonderful Pastors over the years, made successful by a congregation of dedicated people. We praise God for the many unseen and unsung contributions of these people.
We are proud of our heritage and the many things that this church has accomplished over the years and excited to see what the Lord has in store for our future! We hope that you will be a part of the legacy of this church. 

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Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:45am and Wednesday's as we refuel at 7:00pm

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